PUR Glue Pot for MX350 & MX370A

Machine Information

  • Superior strength compared to conventional adhesives.
  • Versatile: they will bond PVC, ABS, melamine, decorative laminate, metals and most plastics
  • Heat resistance: above 100°C (can be above 130°C dependant upon the adhesives used)
  • Chemical Resistance: resistant to migratory oils, plasticisers, water, lacquers & solvents
  • Low application temperatures: usually 120°C (standard hot-melts are applied 160-200°C)
  • Cost-Effective: although traditionally viewed as expensive, the high performance and ease of use
    combine to make them extremely affordable
  • PUR hot melt adhesives offer exceptionally high bond strength and unbeatable heat and
    moisture resistance.

Available for the MX350 and MX370 Edgebanders.

MX350 MX370A