It is time to clear the air and upgrade your dust system to the next level!

The Cantek DBS15 15 HP dust collector is a high efficiency indoor dust collectors generating up to 5000 CFM and are available in 10HP (DBS10) or 15HP.  Equipped with a low RPM (1750 RPM) blower is designed to run much quieter than other high RPM units.  The 1-micron filter bags ensure optimum air filtration and can be manually shaken to for cleaning. The large 168 gallon self dumping collection bin comes on casters and can be conveniently lifted by a fork lift and tilted to dump the wood waste in to your larger waste bin. A pneumatic lever is used to lift the sleeves connecting the system to the dump bin which saves time and effort.

Why Cantek DBS15 15 HP Dust Collector?

  • 15 HP blower motor generating 5000 CFM @ 10.3” WC
  • Low RPM blower (1750 RPM) generating only 81 dB
  • Convenient self-dumping bin with 168-gallon capacity
  • Compact design is ideal for a small to mid sized shop looking for a stand alone or a larger shop looking to add a secondary dust system.
  • High efficiency 15HP TEFC motor
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for long durability
  • Self dumping bin allows operator to quickly, safely, and conveniently dispose of wood waste
  • 16” main inlet diameter
  • Pneumatic raising / lowering of dust sleeves to connect system with dump bin for added convenience
  • High efficiency 1-micron filter bags (36 pcs)
  • Manual shaker system for cleaning of filter bags
  • Magnetic starter included
  • Dust collector comes disassembled