Speed up your drawer production with a drawer assembly clamp.

Ideal for custom and volume production runs, the Cantek DWM Drawer Master Assembly Clamp offers the rugged construction and ease of set-up of high production machines at a fraction of the price.   Quickly clamp your drawer boxes precisely and square ever time.

Why Cantek DWM Drawer Master Assembly Clamp?

  • Quick setting drawer box clamp
  • Strong machine structure ensures square drawer boxes
  • Ergonomic design for convenient loading and unloading
  • Capable of clamping a wide range of drawer types: dovetail, dowel, tongue & groove, and dado
  • Fast changeover between various drawer widths with the rapid change clamp
  • Ergonomic workstation on an angle to improve production output
  • Double acting air cylinders can apply pressure progressively allowing for easy fitting of the bottom panel in the lateral grooves
  • The Progressive Compression Mode operates as a jog button. It offers the operator total control and flexibility in the execution of the assembly process.
  • Two-hand control keeps your operator’s fingers away from the danger zone during the compression cycle
  • 10” (Height) x 24” (Depth) x 36” (Width) clamping capacity


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