LD1640A & LD1660A Lathes

Machine Information


•Bed is made of high tensile cast iron FC25
•Harden and ground bedways
•Gears and shafts on headstock are hardened and precisely ground
•Emergency foot brake is equipped for cutting the power and stopping the machine immediately
•Apron is equipped with an interlock safety device to prevent feeding Intergearing on the automatic feed and the half-nut operation


Model No. 1640A 1660A
Swing over bed 16″ (400mm)
Swing over cross slide 9 1/2″ (242mm)
Swing over gap 21 3/4″ (552mm)
Distance between centers 40″(1000mm) 60″(1500mm)
Bed Width 10″ (260mm)
Number of spindle speeds 12
Range of spindle speeds 50-2000RPM
Bore through spindle 2 3/16″ (55mm)
Spindle nose D1 – 6 Camlock
Taper of spindle nose MT 6
Tailstock quill taper MT 4
Tailstock quill travel 4 3/8″ (110mm)
Cross slide travel 8″ (200mm)
Compound rest travel 3 9/16″ (90mm)
Metric threads (32 numbers) 0.4-7mm Pitch
Inch threads (32 numbers) 4-56 TPI
Module threads (32 numbers) 0.4-7mm Mod.
D.P threads (32 numbers) 8-120 D.P
Longitudinal feeds 0.0017″-0.0242″/rev (0.029-0.412mm/rev)
Net weight (kgs) 860 1020
Gross weight (kgs) 960 1140
Packing dimensions
(LxWxH) 32″ x34″ x60″
(2083x864x1524mm 102″ x34″ x60″