Used Dynamic 5.5 Edgebander

Machine Information

Especially designed for the application of veneer, PVC, ABS, melamine and solid wood strips from 0.4 mm up to 5 mm of thickness. The machine is composed as follows:

  • Introduction steel fence:
  • Heating from 0° to 90° approx. with a thermometer; heavy steel support for the panel.
  • The coil support is 800 mm in diameter
  • Vertical shear for cut the ABS and PVC up to 3 mm thick and 64 mm width, with vertical movement and horizontal copying movement. Functioning is electro-pneumatical.
  • Pressure rollers zone composed by nr. 03 rollers made of steel. The first pressure roller is motorized. The other 2 idle rollers are with opposing degree tilt for perfect pressing. This unit is equipped with manual movement and a digital counter.
  • Teflon Coated Lower Glue Pot with quick heating time (5-6 min.) Capacity of 3 lt. With granulated glue. The insertion of the unit is made by hand using the handle (pic. 24). Screw glue roller device (necessary to work long and high panels and during high speeds and long working section).
  • Coils magazine installed.
  • Automatic wood strips magazine, for edge thickness from 0,4 mm. up to 5 mm.
  • Automatic adjustment of the top groups
  • NEW EW 112 Control panel mounted at infeed end of the machine for operator convenience Touch Screen 12” Screen display.
  • BARCODE reader predisposition
  • This system can memorize programs by numerical or alphabetical mode, because the system is in windows. From the control it is possible to select which unit and the way to work (ex.: the inclination of the end trimmer, of the edge trimmer or the insertion of the scraping unit), including the position of the pressure station, top pressure beam. The system will indicate also all the alarm and possible failure of the system. USB port with USB key for working programs saving and Ethernet port for teleservice.
    • The machine is also equipped with an air blower to clean the surface of the panel in case the aspiration system is not working sufficiently.
    • Standard right-hand assembly
    • Left-hand assembly available on request (+3%)
    • CE standard security.
    • Two fixed working speeds: 11 – 18 mt/1’.