Used M612HS-300 6 Head Moulder

Machine Information

Technical Specifications
working width (at cutting circle dia. 5”) 20 – 300 mm 0.78” to 12.05”
working height (at cutting circle dia. 5”) 10 – 150 mm 0.39” – 5.90”
spindle speed 6000 rpm
spindle diameter 1 13/16”
clamping length of horizontal and universal spindles 344 mm 13.55”
clamping length of vertical spindles 175 mm 6.875”
feed speed infinitely variable (inverter drive) 6 – 100 m/min. 19 – 300 ft/min.
diameter of feed rollers 205mm / 140mm 8.07”/5.5”
diameter of table rollers 100 mm 4”
width of feed rollers shaft mounted to 12”
width of rollers opposite left spindle stackable to 6”
driven roller in outfeed table, “full width” steel – smooth
driven table roller between top spindles, “full width” steel – smooth
driven table roller before first bottom spindle, 8” steel – serrated
pressure for pneumatic feed rollers max. 87 psi
number of top roller eleven (11)
number of bed rollers seven (7)
adjustment range of vertical spindles, axial 80 mm 3.14”
adjustment range of horizontal spindles, axial

(excludes 1st bottom spindle)

40 mm 1.57”
adjustment range of infeed table and edge jointing fence 10 mm 0.375”
length of straightening table 0.8 m 31.5”
fence height 65 mm 2.56”
chipbreaker shoes (top) dual receding (pneumatic)
pad pressure shoe after top position single segment (pneumatic)
table lubrication pump automatic pump
electronic positioning standard, 3r, 4r, 5r
machine base cast iron
tables and fences hardened chrome

**Machine has been stripped down, and parts needing to be replaced have been replaced, machine will be in good running condition when complete with a 60 day warranty **

Tool Cutting Circles
1st bottom spindles, min. – max. 125 – 200 mm 4.92 – 7.87”
vertical spindles, left min. – max. 140 – 250 mm 5.51 – 9.84”
vertical spindles, right min. – max. 140 – 250 mm 5.51 – 9.84”
horizontal spindles, above min. – max. 140 – 250 mm 5.51 – 9.84”
horizontal spindles, below min. – max. 140 – 250 mm 5.51 – 9.84”
universal spindles, min. – max. 125 – 200 mm 4.92 – 7.87”
Spindle configuration
feed motor 25 Hp
1st spindle 25 Hp
2nd spindle 20 Hp
3rd spindle 20 Hp
4th spindle 25 Hp
5th spindle 30 Hp
6th spindle 30 Hp
Utility Requirements
voltage* 460v/3-phase/60Hz
full load amperage 238 full load amps
control voltage*** 110 v
compressed air**** 6 bar (87 psi)
total cfm (min) 10703 cfm
ports, no & dia. 6 @ 6.88”
Included Upgrades
  • Motorized Spindle Positioning – Motorized spindle adjustments for quick and accurate spindle positioning. REC705 touch pad, non-memory controller. MSP for 3R, 4R, and 5R. Electronically linked to feed beam. LED display to show spindle position and tool radius. No memory with controller.
  • Separate Operator Cabinet- Operator control station separate from machine to allow easier placement when handling equipment to be used.
  • 4 pcs Automatic Straight Knife Jointer – Air over oil system for consistent pressure.  Controls on outside cover for easy automatic jointing.  Servo controlled jointers available.
  • 4 pcs Automatic Profile Knife Jointer – Pneumatic System with controls on machine front. Cartridge style system for easy and fast setups.
  • Heavy Duty Combination Feedworks – Combination pushfeed and throughfeed feed works provides unparallel performance. Four large heavy duty feed roller are a benefit when running at high speeds and difficult to feed material like softwood, treated, and composite materials. Smaller through feed rollers transport work piece completely through machine.
  • Clutch Roller – First infeed top feed roller with clutch feature to allow faster incoming material to free pass. This prevents damaged to work piece and machine when using high speed lateral chain feeders. Clutch is only one way so after work pieces enters machine, torque is applied and the roller feeds work piece into machine.