Used Auto Router Automatic Stair Router


Machine Information

Automatic stair stringer router routes 2 stair stringers (top/bottom) at the same time. Rise and run settings are set manually above the routing area. Control of the machine functions are performed by an onboard PLC system. Includes automatic stringer advance mechanism by a pneumatic cylinder system. Pneumatic clamps secure the stringers during the routing operation. See-through safety fencing keeps operator away from the cutting area while allowing visual monitoring of the cutting operation.

Features and Specifications

  • Double stringer (top & bottom routing heads).
  • Rise and run set manually at the front of the machine.
  • Direct drive routers, 3hp each.
  • Maximum stringer width 12”
  • Controller will count number of stairs and stop automatically.
  • Client can load the machine on purchaser’s truck.
  • Overall dimensions 9’ wide x 6’ 4” high x 5’ 4” deep