Wide Belt Sanders

Take your sanding to the next level with a proven lineup of wide belt sanding machines.

Cantek wide belt sanders are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit your specific sanding needs. Whether you are a small shop or a large production facility, our range of widebelt sanders is up to the task.

Our “Classical” range of wide belt sanders come in working widths from 24″ to 51″ with up to two sanding heads. These sanders are perfect for the smaller shop looking to increase their productivity while remaining very cost-effective. Our “Professional” range of wide belt sanders come with larger diameter drums, increased horsepower, and longer belts for higher production capacity than the Classical range. The “Production” series is the workhorse of the bunch. They are available in working widths from 24″ to 63″ and with up to (4) sanding units. Its robust design and high horsepower make it capable of handling those demanding wide belt sanding applications. Available with an optional spiral insert knife planer head, allowing you to plane and sand in a single pass. Our Top & Bottom fixed pass line height wide belt sanders are perfect for those looking to insert a production line or integrate it with material handling systems

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