Produce distressed wire brush flooring and paneling with ease!

The Cantek BS600-3H 3-head wire brush machine is designed to remove the soft grain between the growth rings to produce distressed wood flooring, paneling, and more.  Following the wire brush heads is a nylon brush that is designed to remove any raised fibers that appear from the wire brushing. With variable frequency inverters to control the brush RPM and feed speed you have ultimate control over your finished aesthetic.

Why Cantek BS600-3H 3-Head Wire Brush Machine?

  • Powerful individual 10HP motors for each brushing head
  • Independent variable frequency drives on each brushing unit for ultimate control of the final product
  • Variable feed speed by frequency inverter for additional control over the final finish results
  • Motorized brush thickness adjustment with electronic position readout for repeatable results
  • Outboard bearing supports on brushing units
  • Individual reversing switches for each brushing unit to change the brushing direction
  • Individual amp meters on each spindle for load monitoring
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking to ensure belt does not track off to one side
  • Spring loaded rubber hold down rollers to ensure consistent feeding of material

Machine Controls
Ergonomically located machine controls for operator convenience. Controls include: variable feed speed & RPM controls, individual motor on/off switches, emergency stop, up/down buttons, and forward reverse switch. The digital control displays the material thickness setting, brush RPM, and brush head amp draw for load monitoring.

Powerful 10HP Motors
Powerful 10HP brushing motors are controlled by individual VFD inverter controls and reversing switches to allow operator for full control over brushing operations to achieve the desired results.

1st Head: Wire Brush Head – Medium Structuring

  • Diameter of wire brush head: 10” (254 mm)
  • Diameter of wire: 0.35mm

2nd Head: Wire Brush Head – Light Structuring

  • Diameter of wire brush head: 10” (254 mm)
  • Diameter of wire: 0.2 mm

 3rd Head: Abrasive Nylon Brush (Tynex)

  • Diameter of Abrasive Nylon Brush: 10” (254 mm)
  • Brush grit & diameter (standard): 80 Grit (1.25mm)
  • The nylon brush is designed to remove any raised fibers that are created during the wire brush operation

Outboard Bearing
Equipped with an outboard bearing which supports the brushing spindle, greatly reducing vibration.

Rubber Hold Down Rollers
Spring loaded rubber hold down rollers before and after each brushing unit ensures material is held firmly on to the conveyor belt during brushing operations.

Conveyor Belt
The rubber conveyor belt ensures the material is fed through the brushing heads consistently.  The belt speed is controlled by a variable frequency drive.  The belt is equipped with an auto tracking cylinder to ensure it does not over track to one side which prevents it from being damaged.

Feed Motor
The 1HP feed motor is controlled by a variable frequency drive with feed speeds of 7 to 39 FPM.