Crafting corners to perfection – your solution for double-sided corner rounding.

The Cantek DET SC-Type Corner Rounding Double End Tenoner is a new product offered for with numerous advantages for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry. This versatile machine is designed to elevate the visual appeal of end products by delivering sleek, rounded corners that exude professionalism. By effectively rounding sharp edges, it expands its utility across various applications and improves the safety of the final product. The Cantek SC-Type Double End Tenoner caters to manufacturers involved in crafting cabinets, furniture, countertops, panels, dog ear fencing, children’s furniture, toys, and more. Whether you need a standalone unit or part of a comprehensive production line, we offer tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Why Cantek DET SC-Type Corner Rounding Double End Tenoner?

  • Heavy duty base consisting of a double bed of welded and stress-relieved steel for superior vibration damping resulting in optimum cut quality and machine life
  • Available in working widths from 51” to 180”, with motorized width adjustment
  • Safe operation with sound/safety enclosures
  • Fully customizable to suit your production requirements
  • Configured with up to (8) spindles depending on your production needs
  • Working configuration as below:
    • Main cut-off saw (tiltable)
    • 1st Corner Rounding System
    • 2nd Corner Rounding System
  • Pneumatic corner rounding units and interchangeable moulding system
  • Tilting function ±90˚ on scoring, main saw, and moulding stations
  • Infeed and outfeed safety guards, as well as enclosed cabinet with safety interlocks on access doors
  • Precision chain track assemblies with manually retractable stop dogs to ensure perfect “squareness”
  • Adjustable infeed fence determines stock removal length
  • Precision digital readouts for adjusting the workpieces accurately
  • The feed conveyor is equipped with needle bearings to increase wear resistance.
  • Choice of rubber or phenolic surfaces on chain pads
  • Schneider electrical components to CSA standard