MRS155 Multi Blade Gang Ripsaw

Machine Information

  • Extra Robust 100 HP motor
  • Great Cutting Thickness of 155mm (6.1″)
  • Continuous duty 100 HP arbor motor allows deep cutting speeds of thick lumber
  • MRS-155 has a massive cast iron base, composing the majority of total machine weight of 2700kg. This design provides incredible absorption characteristics under deep cutting, especially while performing thick lumber ripping with a multi-blade set up
  • Precision chain and rails (dip chain) system facilitates accurate cutting operations
  • Link Chain Feed made of special cast iron, high-grade steel connecting pins are heat-treated and precision ground
  • 3 anti-kickback fingers. 2 top and 1 bottom row
  • Digitally controlled lubricator for feed chain ensures a permanent oil film between the chain and the guide rails. If there is insufficient oil in the tank, the warning lamp lights up and the feed chain stops running automatically
  • Electrical Amperage Display protects overload of the saw motor by slowing the link chain down automatically