Complete solution to reducing operator setup time.

The CANTEK DET NC-Type Fully Automatic Double End Tenoner is at the top of its line, constructed with robustness to meet the highest demands in various applications. This type of Double End Tenoner significantly enhances production efficiency by streamlining the tenoning process and allows for greater versatility and customization in woodworking projects. It can handle various materials and adjust settings quickly to accommodate different tenon sizes and shapes. This versatility opens new possibilities for creating complex joinery and intricate designs, expanding the range of products that can be manufactured. You can choose to purchase a machine in the DET series as a standalone solution or as part of a complete production line. These lines enable the automated processing of all four sides of a workpiece in a single assembly line.

Why Cantek DET NC-Type Fully Automatic Double End Tenoner?

  • HSK F63 quick change cutters with direct drive high-frequency motor
  • Fully customizable in accordance to your production needs and requirements
  • User-friendly HMI that offers upgrades for recipe storage/upload of working parameters for up to 100 sets up tooling accessed via batch number input, barcode scanning, or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (via MX Sheet)
  • NC servo positioning on the movable side of Double End Tenoner
  • NC servo positioning on top pressure hold downs, for automatic working thickness setting
  • NC servo positioning on working units (horizontal axis)
  • NC servo positioning on working units (vertical axis)
  • NC servo positioning on infeed fence
  • Automatic dogs