Oscillating brush sander for sanding the edges of cabinet doors, furniture parts, stair parts and more.

The Cantek E6 oscillating edge brush sander can effectively sand the edges of solid wood or MDF cabinet doors, furniture parts, and stair treads to prepare it for finishing and between coats.  The adjustable RPM provides you with full control of the sanding speed for optimum finishing results.  The head oscillates up and down and is manually adjustable to utilize the full width of the abrasive.  The sanding strips can be exchanged quickly to change between various grits.  The back fence can be utilized for straight sanding and can be easily removed for sanding curved components.

Why Cantek E6 Oscillating Edge Brush Sander?

  • Ideal for sanding the edges of cabinet doors, stair treads, or furniture components.
  • Brush abrasive can sand into profiles or break the edges
  • Oscillation ensures optimum usage of the abrasive and ensures a quality sanding result
  • Adjustable spindle height for maximum usage of the abrasive.
  • Adjustable & removable back fence for linear or curved sanding
  • Variable speed sanding head
  • Magnetic starter with emergency stop button
  • Built in dust hood
  • Comes with 1 (one) set of 150 grit abrasives


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