CANTEK | SR1300NDA 52″ Planer Sander

Increase efficiency by planing & sanding in a single pass.

The Cantek SR1300NDA 52” Planer Sander is designed to greatly increase your efficiency when planning and sanding solid wood components. The spiral insert knife cutterhead produces a fine finish and requires less horsepower than traditional straight knives.  When one cutting edge becomes dull you simply slide the head assembly out of the machine and rotate the knives to a fresh edge. The SRN series incorporates an extra heavy-duty frame, industrial cast-iron pressure shoes, and cast-iron sanding head assemblies.  These features allow the SRN series to excel in high-production environments and demanding widebelt sanding applications.

Why Cantek SR1300NDA 52″ Planer Sander?

  • Heavy-duty construction for production use.
  • Powerful horsepower for efficient stock removal, calibration, and final sanding.
  • Planer head followed by two sanding heads to increase throughput by minimizing grit changeovers.
  • Spiral insert knife planer cutterhead for superior stock removal with unparalleled finish quality.
  • Solid cast iron sanding heads and mounting base for superior vibration damping resulting in an optimal sanding result.
  • User-friendly touchscreen control adjusts the feed speed, thickness setting, motor power and more.
  • Variable feed speed adjustment.
  • Independent motors for each sanding unit.
  • “N” planer unit = 7” diameter cutterhead with replaceable insert knives in a spiral pattern requiring less horsepower while providing superior planed finish prior to sanding operations.
  • “D” sanding unit = 10” diameter contact drum available in Steel or Rubber.
  • Versatile configuration with spiral insert knife cutterhead followed by a rubber contact drum and then a combination sanding unit with rubber drum and adjustable platen.
  • Electronic belt tracking for optimum belt life and sanding results.
  • Powerful air jet belt cleaning units remove dust build up on sanding heads for better sanding results and promote longer belt life.
  • Clear plastic windows allow the operator visual access to the sanding heads to ensure proper oscillation and observation of the sanding belts without having to open and shut down the machine.
  • Heavy-duty fixed base with dual rubber pressure rollers between sanding heads.
  • Amp meter for load monitoring to ensure the proper amount of material is removed according to selected abrasive belt grit.
  • Pressure hold-down system consists of sectional infeed pressure shoe before the cutterhead, and dual rubber pressure rollers between and after sanding head.
  • Anti-kickback safety device before the cutterhead for added operator safety.
  • High-quality Italian rubber conveyor with belt tracking.
  • Extended infeed bed with two table rollers.
  • The automatic maintenance system reminder feature will assist with notifications for maintenance.
  • Two LED indicators: a blue light for normal operation and a red light that indicates an error. Allows you to monitor the sander at all times.
  • Caliper thickness setting unit for fast setup to your workpiece.
  • Disc brakes on the main motors allow for faster belt changes and improved safety.
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning with quick-release outboard support to facilitate fast belt changes.
  • Four table raising jack screws.
  • Material over-height limit switch on infeed will quickly shut down the machine should the operator feed material that is beyond the thickness setting of the machine.
  • Safety interlock switches located on all access doors.