CANTEK | C432 43″ Two Head Widebelt Sander

Accomplish your calibration and fine sanding without compromise.

The Cantek C432 43″ Two Head Widebelt Sander is perfect for any small to mid-sized shop looking to achieve outstanding results. Its robust construction is the best in its class and provides superior sanding results.  The highly versatile design includes a quick-change abrasive belt system which results in greater production efficiencies. The C432 has a relatively small footprint providing greater access for smaller shops to achieve bigger results.  Equipped with motorized thickness adjustment with digital input control with settings to 0.001” / 0.01mm for precise table setting without compromise!

Why Cantek C432 43″ Two Head Widebelt Sander?

  • Dual sanding heads increase efficiency by reducing the number of passes.
  • Rubber contact drum for calibration sanding
  • Combination sanding unit with 5” rubber contact drum and 2” wide adjustable sanding platen for a wide range of sanding applications
  • Adjustable platen produces superior sanding results with finer sandpaper grits.
  • Solid cast iron sanding heads and mounting base for superior vibration damping resulting in an optimum sanding result.
  • Accurate digital thickness control with both Inch & Metric settings allows the operator to key in the desired thickness and the table will automatically move into position.
  • Small footprint
  • Available with 60″ or 75″ long belts
  • Two sanding heads
    • First Head: Rubber contact drum with a 7” diameter drum
    • Second Head: Combination head with 5” diameter drum and 2” wide platen
  • Electronic belt tracking for optimum belt life and sanding results
  • Ammeter for load monitoring to ensure the proper amount of material is being removed according to the selected grit.
  • The disc brake on the main motor allows for faster belt changes.
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning with quick-release outboard support to facilitate fast belt changes.
  • Double infeed and outfeed pressure rolls for superior part hold down.
  • Four table-raising jack screws
  • Material over-height limit switch
  • Hour meter records the actual running time of the machine which can be used to provide timely maintenance for the machine.
  • Interlocks located on all access doors.