Planer Sanders

Versatile machines for calibrating material and sanding in a single pass.

The spiral insert knife planer heads on the Cantek planer sanders are designed to calibrate the panel or board down to size rather than using an abrasive belt.  The main advantage of this is that you can remove approximately 3mm (0.1”) in a single pass.  A sanding belt is not capable of this type of removal and heavy calibration on a sanding belt can wear belts prematurely and you need to feed the piece numerous times to dimension it to the desired thickness.  This wastes valuable production time.  Another advantage of planning prior to sanding is that you can jump to a finer grit as you are not needing to calibrate the panel.

Planer sanders are typically available with one to three sanding heads and come in widths of 24” to 51” wide. Our core stocking models utilize a moving table but non-stocking models are available in fixed table or top & bottom configuration.

Advantages that can speed your production.

  • The planer head is far superior to removing material for calibration than a regular widebelt sander. You can typically remove up to 2.5mm on a planer head on a planer sander, whereas 80-grit sandpaper can only remove a maximum of 0.9mm at a very low feed rate or 10 ft/min.
  • Stock removal using abrasives compared to a planing head is considerably more expensive because of abrasive costs.
  • There is a significant cost saving in labour as having two individuals (infeed & outfeed) feed a planer and/or sander all day is costly. Reducing the number of passes and reducing material handling will significantly increase your efficiency and lower labour costs.
  • The planer head can be quickly adjusted out of the way should you want to eliminate it, and the option of sanding only.
  • Changing the knives on our Cantek Planer Sanders is easily done as the head is quickly slid out of the machine providing full access. The knives are solid carbide and can be rotated for a fresh edge.

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