Top and Bottom Planers

Create efficiencies in your planing operation by surfacing both sides of your material in a single pass.

Our Cantek top & bottom planers are heavy-duty and meant for industrial planing operations running a single or multi-shift.  We have both chain drive and the higher speed cardan shaft drive double surface planers depending on your production needs.  Each model comes with a special pin feed system which passes the material over the bottom jointing cutterhead producing a flat surface.  The material then travels to a sectional feed roller which feeds it through the top thicknessing planer head. The thickness is precisely adjusted with a digital thickness control for precise planing results. The spiral insert knife cutterheads with two-sided replaceable insert knives produce an unparalleled finish, with maximum stock removal, and run extremely quietly. It is time to take your planing operation to the next level.

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