It is time to stop losing untapped revenue by turning your wood waste into valuable material.

The Cantek FHL60 Horizontal Automatic Finger Jointing Line is specifically engineered for horizontal finger shaping and jointing tasks. In contrast to the traditional vertical shaping method, the FHL-60 enhances the visual appeal of finger-jointed products. This system is particularly well-suited for efficiently manufacturing high-quality solid wood parquet, achieving an impressive production rate of up to 120 pieces per minute when combined with an automated wood arranging conveyor table.

Why Cantek FHL60 Horizontal Automatic Finger Jointer?

  • Maximizing horizontally cut workpieces with an ultra-highspeed finger jointing line – 90 PCS/MIN
  • Automatic – 2 operators required or fully automatic – 1 operator required depending on production needs
  • Maximum production rate of 90 pieces a minute, average production rate 60 pieces a minute
  • Double sides pressing on assembly press
  • Optional automatic wood arranging conveyor table provides an automatic infeed that dramatically increases productivity
  • Standard: PVAc glue – Tooling for PU, MUF, EPI, etc. glues available upon request
  • Length of cut is calculated by an encoder and set on a touch screen for increased accuracy
  • The initial F-I31 manual feeding table can be upgraded to the F-I32 automatic wood arranging conveyor table to dramatically increase production
  • The F-C61 automatic horizontal finger shaper performs automatic scoring, trimming, shaping, and gluing
  • The F-C61 also has a wood side changing device that moves the wood piece to the opposite side using a belt-driven pusher and a powerful suction table to prevent the wood piece from turning over
  • With the choice of 10 feet or 20 feet in length the F-T67 chain-type pre-press assembly stand ensures accurate vertical and horizontal alignment before the workpiece is cut to length