It is time to stop losing untapped revenue by turning your wood waste into valuable material.

The Cantek FL03 is a cutting-edge fully automatic finger jointing production line, designed to efficiently convert wood waste into valuable materials while maintaining an excellent performance-to-cost ratio. With its innovative technology, this system offers remarkable value in terms of both performance and price, the entire machining procedures from workpiece in-feed, left and right shaping to jointing is fast, smooth and accurate. The whole production line is carefully designed and built for maximum dependability year after year, making it a continuous game-changer in the wood industry.

Why Cantek FL03 Fully Automatic Finger Jointer?

  • Excellent performance-to-cost ratio
  • Only two operators required for maximum production
  • Injection type gluing system
  • Standard: PVAc glue – Tooling for PU, MUF, EPI, etc. glues available upon request
  • Length of cut is calculated by an encoder and set on a touch screen for increased accuracy
  • Servo motor capable of provides a production rate of up to 5~6 cycles/min
  • Three initial infeed tables lead to a fully automatic operation from feed to pre-press assembly stand
  • F-C05 and F-C06 finger shapers perform automatic scoring, trimming, shaping, and gluing
  • F-D01 enables automated workpiece feeding, aided by a steel brush roller that gently flips materials one by one into the pre-press assembly stand
  • With the choice of 10 feet or 20 feet in length the F-T03/F-T05 chain type pre-press ensures accurate vertical and horizontal alignment before workpiece is cut to length
  • Synchronized jointing and cutting is performed in a 2-step process within the F-A03 assembly press by employing two hydraulic cylinders at the front and rear to provide an extremely consistent joint