Stop losing untapped revenue by turning your wood waste into valuable material.

The Cantek FL24 Semi-Automatic Finger Jointer represents a state-of-the-art finger jointing production line, meticulously crafted to transform extra short wood waste into valuable materials, all the while upholding an exceptional balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. Its compact design with multiple automatic features and options makes it an ideal solution for a small sized finger jointing operation. By utilizing a solitary shaper setup, this system delivers extraordinary value in performance and affordability, positioning it as an enduring revolutionary force within the woodworking sector.

Why Cantek FL24 Semi-Automatic Finger Jointer?

  • Semi-automatic finger jointer with a small footprint
  • Excellent performance-to-cost ratio
  • Right/left finger shaper scores, profiles, and glues both right and left joints in a single machine
  • Workpieces automatically travel between profiling & gluing stations
  • Production speed: 2~3 cycles/min
  • Length of cut is calculated by an encoder and set on a touch screen for increased accuracy with a finished board tolerance of 0 to 0.08” (0 to 2mm)
  • Manual rotary table design turns pieces to allow processing of both ends on a single shaper system – optional automatic rotary table available
  • Optional automatic adjustment of the scoring blades and shaper section for left & right profiles
  • Presses available in various lengths to suit your production needs
  • Applicable for machining extra short wood waste of 4” (100mm)
  • Only two operators required for max production
  • Hopper loader mounted for workpieces to automatically feed into the assembly press comes standard with the FL-24
  • As standard we use PVAc glue, but we have optional gluing systems for PUR, MUF, EPI, etc. available upon request
  • Synchronized jointing and length cutting is performed in a 2-step process within the F-A05 or A07 single stage automatic infeed finger assembler